By Jack Star

A drug that Chieago medical experimenters hope may lead to a cure for cancer was offered Tuesday to a few physicians for continuing clinical trials after announcement of its discovery at a dramatic meeting in the Drake Hotel.

The drug has been tested with remarkable results on 29 almost - hopeless eaneer victims.

The drug, called Krebiozen, was developed by Dr. Stevan Durovic, 46. of 531 Kenilworth, in Kenilworth, a refugee from Yugoslavia.

Krebiozen is extracted by a seeret chemical process from the blood serum of a horse. A single injection of a tiny amount of the drug had a quick effect on the cancer patients | In all cases. the terriblle pain; that accompanies advanced cancer was eased or stopped eompletely. Large tumors were shrunk to a fraction of their original size in a matter of days

Announcement of the new drug's action was made at a special scientific meeting called by Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, head of the University of Illinois professional schools, More than 40 physicians, many of them cancer specialists, came to Chicago-a world center for medical research-from every very part of the country. Also n the audience were Mayor Kennelly, State's Atty Byle, and six of the patients on whom the drug was tested.

The physicians listened intently as Dr. Ivy and his aids clmly and matter-of-factly discussed Krebiozin for two hours. Then the doctors filed to the platform for a few tiny ampules of the drug to test on their own patients.

Krebiozen is not licensed by the government for general use and supplies are extremely small. But the 40-odd phyusicians will be given additional quantities of the drug for the new tests.

Dr. Ivy's test, in which four other doctors collaborated, was conducted on 22 patients in various Chicago area hospitals. Another test, made on seven patients was conducted by Dr. Z. T. Berkovitz